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solar panels for home


Reduce your monthly electricity expenses by harnessing the freely available sunlight for electricity generation and contribute to country’s goal of maximizing utilization of Solar Power. Green 4 Life Energy is at the fore front, leading the proud Indian towards a more sustainable world.

Green 4 Life Energy offers Solar Rooftop for residential buildings and homes that in-turns ensure a huge saving, while conserving the environment with our eco-friendly products. Moreover, installing a Solar Rooftop will not only enable you to limit your electricity expenses, but also you can earn by supplying the generated solar energy to State Electricity Board from your idle rooftop space.

Check the potential of your idle roof space by our Solar Calculator.

to choose Green 4 Life Energy?

  • India’s fastest growing brand
  • A globally renowned brand with international footprints
  • Experience of more than a decade in Solar Energy domain
  • High quality product with international standardized services
  • 24 X 7 service support
solar panels for home

Product Features and Benefits

  • Reduction in energy costs
  • Self Reliance
  • Customized solutions as per requirement
  • Social responsibility for a brighter tomorrow
  • Utilization of idle Rooftop space for energy production. Earn by selling excess electricity